– The legendary domain to be sold

It’s official. The owners of the legendary domain and it creditors have reached an agreement to sell the domain via The failed company Escom LLC which reportedly owes more than $10m to various creditors (See Reuters Report) will be auctioning off the domain in an attempt to clear its debts under Section 336 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Those of you who know the story behind will know that this domain is not shy of controversy. Reportedly sold to the owner of Escom for $14m in 2006 the domain has experienced a number of bizarre and intriguing legal battles over the years fueled by greed and was even stolen in September 1995 which started a decade long fight for ownership between the notorious Stephen Cohen and original owner Gary Kremen. If you have not yet read the book of by Kieren McCarthy I suggest you buy it from Amazon and get up to speed with the history of this amazing domain.

So now we could see domain name sales history in the making. Will it clear the 8-figure mark? Will it reach more than Escom paid back in 2006?

With so many questions to ask when one of the most valuable domains in the world is going to be put up for sale on domain auction site, possibly the most important is…Who will buy it?

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