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I have recently been doing  some heavy research into geo domains. Since this the first post I have done for a little while after being away on holiday and all, I thought it best to mention that I done some work on 3ac and changed its format to focus on the areas of domaining which interest me the most. Domain name SEO, mobile domains and geo domains. I am also doing a little bit of a challenge, well quite a large challenge actually and thats to get this blog ranking first page for the term “domains.” Ok, ok a tall order you might say, but so what, I like rising to the challenge and with plenty on great content behind me now, some strong inbound links and 3ac SEO’d to the max. Here we go! Anyway back to those sneeky geo domains.

So what is a geo domain, well some half decent examples would be or or even… anyway as you can see, they are generic search terms with a geographical location included.

Geo domains are great for capturing targeted traffic across a niche. Usually domainers will buy a whole collection on geo domains for a search term. They can be monetised relatively easily by either parking them, developing them with a template and using adsense or by leasing them to local companies.

The great thing about geo domains like these is that they do not require a huge amount of effort (SEO-wise) before you can get them to rank naturally for their exact term. I have recently registered the ones above and have yet to do anything with them though…the downfall of geo domains is that getting them all up and running can be very time consuming!

The concept of geo domains can be concreted even further if you manage to get your hands on the generic search term itself. For example lets say you managed to get and then purchased the versions for all the major cities in the UK. You would then pretty much control that niche if your strategy was correct. An interesting theory? Well the chances are slim that you could just up and do this right now,  most geo domains for the major generic search terms are taken. Tough Luck

Time to start thinking super niche!!

I have mine, whats yours?


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Gary has been an online marketer since 2002. An SEO/Analytics specialist he is Digital Director at TMW. As an affiliate, Gary owns and operates a number of UK and South African websites. He is also an industry speaker at events like SMX, SAScon, Think Visibility, On The Edge Live and won the Midlands Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2008. You can find him on Twitter, Linked In and Google+


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