Exact searches, not an exact science

I received an email on my way home in response to my talk about Keyword Domains and Mini-sites in particular using the Google Keyword Tool to accurately “guestimate” how many searches a 1st page ranking minisite would receive so you can work out a rough revenue projection. The email reads as follows:

FROM SCOTT (domaindaily.co.uk)

Hello Gary,

Have been enjoying reading your blog posts on domain development.

I was wondering what Google keyword tool you was currently using to get your exact figures from. The old or new one?

I understand the new GKT has recently been changed significantly (in last couple of days) and has much lower figures compared to the legacy tool.

For example your fly fishing books has 170 local exact on the new tool, but 3,600 on the old legacy tool. However, I’m guessing you get more visitors than the 170 suggests?

Not sure why the figures on the new GKT are so much lower?




Hi Scott

Thanks for the email and comments

The GKT should be used with caution. The Legacy tool still takes into account the visitors from across Google’s entire content ad network, not just organic search. I rely more on the Google’s search tool instead which suggests the term “fly fishing books” receives 540 searches per month see http://www.google.co.uk/sktool/#keywords?q=fly%20fishing%20books

If you compare this to the impressions that flyfishingbooks.co.uk received the other week from flittering on and off first page whilst Google plays with my rankings (see the screen shot from my presentation) it is there or there abouts.

Don’t forget its not an exact science, the only way you will be able to accurate measure the visitors and CTR accurately is using Google’s Webmaster Tools/ Analytics AFTER you’re up and running.



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Gary has been an online marketer since 2002. An SEO/Analytics specialist he is Digital Director at TMW. As an affiliate, Gary owns and operates a number of UK and South African websites. He is also an industry speaker at events like SMX, SAScon, Think Visibility, On The Edge Live and won the Midlands Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2008. You can find him on Twitter, Linked In and Google+

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