Dot eco domain names, a crap idea

dot-eco-domain-namesWhat a crap idea. Al Gore is in talks with ICANN about sponsoring a new TLD for eco-friendly websites. TheĀ  dot eco extension as it will be called is a really bad idea as far as I am concerned. What is the point in having yet another TLD to dilute the domain names industry? I’ll tell you why, so the man upstairs can pocket even more money…

I have just posted a rant on Tech Crunch attacking this idea (thumbs down to dot eco), because quite frankly I’m pretty sick of all these eco-warriors wasting time and money on pushing their views on others and thinking they should have some special treatment… this ridiculous attempt to launch dot eco domain names is a step too far.

I’ d like to put it to the floor and say THIS IS A CRAP IDEA and I will challenge anyone who says otherwise.


Bloody Hippies…

Comments on the back of a postcard please…(recycled paper only!)


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  1. March 5, 2009 at 11:52 am #

    Another example of a poorly thought through idea, remeber that pop concert in the 80′s live some thing…was going to eradicate famine in Africa – last time I looked it still looked pretty bleak out there.

    The concert for live earth actually used ridicolous amounts of electricity and carbon due to people travelling to events all round the world, performers flying round the world in private jets.

    Seriously what is the point – Al Gore maybe more time spent on your countrys economy and less time trying to save the world from impending global warming meltdown – the world maybe a better place.

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