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I am pretty active in the UK domain name community and you can usually find me stirring up public opinion about things I like or dislike, I pull no punches and am always open to discussion. So if you have anything you'd like to say, feel free to get in touch!

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About Me

Hi, I'm Gary Taylor. I have bought and sold domain names since 2002. In January 2008 I won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Midlands Business Awards. I have been featured on sites like Mortgage Strategy, speak at events like Think Visibility and run niche affiliate sites like Rottweilers.co.uk. I am a Director of One Result and head up all aspects of SEO, Project Management and Internal Operations. I live in Birmingham with my dog Alfie and love to play the guitar. You can follow me on Twitter or connect with me on Linked In.

Blog Posts

Clients first, domains second

It can’t be helped but as One Result [OR] get busier and busier with new clients I have found myself neglecting 3ac.co.uk; so what was a 2-3 posts per week blog has now dropped to about 2-3 posts per month. Not where I want to be but as it stands priorities need to be adhered too. Clients first, domains second. As we now hit the 3rd phase of our recruitment drive at OR (taking our numbers from 7 at the end of 2010 to 17 of us in total now) there are significantly more things to manage and tougher mountains to climb.

I Tried Sir Alan, I Tried…

Ok so the title is a bit tongue in cheek but some of you keen eyed domainers may have noticed that Amstrad.co.uk dropped today and is no longer under the ownership of Amstrad Computers Ltd. It seems strange that a company would be letting its name drop like this? Perhaps its an oversight, so on the 4th of May I though I would try and do a good deed by attempting to back order it through Domain Monster, so that if it had been dropped by accident it could be returned to its rightful owner.

Here is the whois check I did on the 4th:

And here is my back order through Domain Monster:

Now I wouldn’t usually do this (however I was in a generous mood) but as you all know the Amstrad brand has been made famous not by just being one of the most successful computer companies of the ’80s but also the public rise to fame of Lord Alan Sugar. Now although Amstrad’s majority share was bought by B Sky B in 2007 and Lord Sugar stepping down as Chairman in 2008 its still a name that shouldn’t really be in the hands of a drop catcher…

Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in getting the domain, however it will be interesting to see exactly what the new owner has in plans for it, but as Amstrad is trademarked their options are limited…


Qwant, a French search engine, has just launched its first SEO competition in France with 50,000 euros in endowments to be shared between the top 5 SEOs.
The alternative to Google, which is respectful of your personal data, has just launched a challenge to the French-speaking community of SEOs:

challenge its engineers (and their ability to block spammers) and position themselves as best as possible on June 03, 2020 on its search engine on the keyword Qwanturank using a brand new domain name pristine history before December 02, 2019.


Here are the details and rules to know before participating in this new SEO competition:

How to participate in the Qwanturank SEO Contest

Participants must register on the site http://www.qwanturank.com/ between December 2, 2019 and February 3, 2020, by filling out the form with their last name, first name, company name (if applicable), e-mail address. -mail, telephone number, and root domain name (without subdomain) used to give access to the website they create on the occasion of their participation (the "Site"). Only one participation in the competition is authorized per participant, with a single root domain name, and each participant must register a domain name belonging to him. A registration confirmation message will be sent to the participant after validation of the form. A new registration by the participant replaces and cancels the previous one.

The Organizer may verify that the declared domain name corresponds to public WHOIS records and, if it considers it necessary, may request access to WHOIS data or the addition of a specific HTML tag (of meta type) on the site to which the declared domain name gives access.

The declared domain name must have been registered for the first time on December 2, 2019 or at a later date. The Organizer may use any means of checking the absence of background information on the domain, including backlinks.

The content of the Site must be in French.

The content of the Site, including the declared domain name, is free, on the condition of respecting all the laws and regulations in force in France, including intellectual property and image rights, and not including no pornographic, obscene, violent, political, discriminatory or offensive content with regard to a person or a category of persons, not to directly or indirectly promote arms, prohibited or regulated drugs, games of chance, clairvoyance services, drugs or alternative medicines, and not to disparage or knowingly damage the image or reputation of the Organizer or any third party.

The participant acknowledges that the Organizer is free to assess compliance with these conditions of participation at his sole discretion and to reject or declare inadmissible any participation which he considers to have been made in violation of any of the provisions of these Regulations.

1 and 1 Direct Debit Indemnity

It seems as though 1 and 1 Internet just simply can’t help themselves and have taken yet more money from my account for domain names which I have correctly cancelled, well actually they are domain names which their Transfers Department cancelled on my behalf!

On the 5th May 1&1 took £175.90 from my account for domain name renewals which on the 18th April 2011 I have an email from their Transfer Department to say that they were successfully cancelled and were sorry that I felt the need to complain about their services. (If you do not know about my ongoing saga with them, see my previous blog posts about 1&1)

So you can imagine my thoughts when I find my bank account light of a few notes with 1&1′s name next to the transactions

But fear not my friends! I took action last month which would protect me against such an instance and changed my billing details with them to Direct Debit knowing full well that if they continued to charge me for domain names which I had quite rightly cancelled and moved to Domain Monster that I calls simply call up my bank and get the money back. Which is exactly what I have done.

For those of you not fully familiar with the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme here is the standard working below:

Direct Debit is the only payment method with a money back guarantee.

The Direct Debit Guarantee

This Guarantee is offered by all banks and building societies that accept instructions to pay Direct Debits.
If there are any changes to the amount, date or frequency of your Direct Debit (insert your organisation name)will notify you (insert number of) working days in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed. If you request (insert your organisation name) to collect a payment, confirmation of the amount and date will be given to you at the time of the request.
If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit, by (insert your organisation name) or your bank or building society, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your bank or building society.
If you receive a refund you are not entitled to, you must pay it back when (insert your organisation name) asks you to
You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by simply contacting your bank or building society. Written confirmation may be required. Please also notify us.
In short people, if you have or are experiencing a similar situation with 1&1 Internet, why not change your billing method from debit/credit card to Direct Debit and if they take money from your account that they have no right to, you can be safe in the knowledge that your bank can reimburse the money for you whilst the issue in sorted out.

Domain Names For Sale In May

As it another month comes to a close, it’s time to have a sort through some more domains and see if I can clean up my portfolio. I have been whittling down the amount of domain names I have over the last 6-12 months in an attempt to focus on developing a select handful and also purchase some new ones which I have had my eye on for a while. The selection of domain names I have for sale below are a mixed bag of .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk and a single .me with a mixture of product, financial, one word and two-character domains, including a little collection of car parking domain names.

All of the domain names are available for sale at a fixed price of £50 with the exception of 3DReadyTV.co.uk which is £250.

There are 23 two-character .org.uk domain names which as a bulk purchase I am happy to let go for £920 (Equivalent to £40 each) which is a 20% discount per domain.

Domain Names For Sale

> 1bl.co.uk
> 3dreadytv.co.uk
> a3.org.uk
> a4.org.uk
> a6.org.uk
> a7.org.uk
> a8.org.uk
> apartmentsmarbella.co.uk Sold
> birminghambands.co.uk
> blognow.co.uk
> campinggasstove.co.uk
> carparklondon.co.uk Sold
> carparkmanchester.co.uk Sold
> carparksbirmingham.co.uk Sold
> carparksbristol.co.uk Sold
> carparksglasgow.co.uk Sold
> carparkshammersmith.co.uk Sold
> carparksleeds.co.uk Sold
> carparksliverpool.co.uk Sold
> cdstoragecases.co.uk
> creditreports.me.uk
> eccentric.org.uk
> estateagentswestmidlands.co.uk
> f4.org.uk
> f5.org.uk
> f6.org.uk
> f7.org.uk
> financialadvicesolihull.co.uk
> financialadvisers.me.uk
> flyfishingbooks.co.uk
> forked.co.uk
> g0.org.uk
> g7.org.uk
> h6.org.uk
> h9.org.uk
> hotelabudhabi.co.uk
> ifasolihull.co.uk
> j0.org.uk
> keyworddomains.org.uk
> mortgageadvicesolihull.co.uk
> mortgagebrokersolihull.co.uk
> mycomparison.co.uk
> mycomparisons.co.uk
> n01.co.uk
> n3.org.uk
> n4.org.uk
> n5.org.uk
> n8.org.uk
> n9.org.uk
> norwegian.org.uk
> nutritional.org.uk
> paperpartybags.co.uk
> q3.org.uk
> qwant.com
> retrojackets.co.uk
> seomanagement.co.uk
> silent.org.uk
> u3.org.uk
> unixtime.co.uk
> unsecuredloans.me
> widows.org.uk
> y0.org.uk
> y3.org.uk

All domains for sale are available on a first come first serve basis, buyers must pay Nominet Fees. I accept payment by UK BACS or Pay Pal, so if any of the domain names above interest you, simply get in touch with me using my contact page.


Social media leverage – the why and how of connecting with the connectors

The following is a guest contribution from James Agate (@jamesagate) founder of skyrocket SEO, an SEO and Social Media Marketing Agency in Chester.

Laziness is a condition that afflicts many people and it is often assumed that when we talk about concepts like social media leverage, we are really just looking for a shortcut and a way to feed the desire to find the quick way of dominating a market.

However, the social media leverage I am talking about is about marketing smarter rather than marketing harder. Identifying targets and piggybacking off some of their authority and success as a way of skyrocketing your social media marketing efforts.

It sounds almost calculating but, as social media marketers, we shouldn’t forget that what we are really doing is trying to sell more stuff and make more cash (usually) – if you take the ‘marketing’ out of social media marketing then all you are left with is social media and that kind of just translates into wasting time on Facebook and Twitter.

We are told to be the authority in the market and whilst this is an admirable longer term goal, in the immediate future you need a strategy that gives you some of the right attention now.

So what do I mean by connecting with the connectors?

Essentially it is about baiting the big names in a niche you are trying to target and then getting them to do the marketing.

Going for the tribe leader rather than trying to engage with all the tribe members individually.

Not only are you getting the chance to capture a larger market through just one or handful of individuals you also benefit from authority by association.

It sounds like a big ask given that they are the chief of the tribe and you are the outsider and you are asking them to do something for you but I have seen it work time and time again, if you provide something exceptional, remarkable or valuable – the Twitterati (yes I just used that word!) and social media hipsters (cringe!) will share your work with their tribe.

How to connect with the authorities in your market

Do remarkable stuff

I could stop this post right now and you’d have everything you need because essentially if you do remarkable stuff, people will notice. Markets are small places and if someone is an authority, they are the big fish and will more than likely have a good grasp of what’s going on around them. If you are doing something that stands out then they are going to notice you without that much effort on your part promoting.

But it wouldn’t be much of a post if I stopped here because you already understand the importance of doing great things.

Be nice

Being nice carries you such a long way.

To say that nobody shares stuff written by a dick is wrong because there is something to be said for being a bit of a social media asshole in that it will definitely get you noticed but not always for the right reasons so this has never been my style.

Responding to comments, helping others out, being complimentary of other people’s products and services – all these things contribute to the market community. This will really help you get noticed in the market and as I have just said, the connectors have their finger on the pulse and they see what goes on.

Leverage their ego

We’ve all got one but if someone is the go-to guy or girl in their market then chances are that their ego will be slightly bigger than the average. This is ok and you can work it your advantage.

I read a book a while back by a PUA (pick-up artist) who claims he can get any girl he wants by using a few simple tactics.

The author made an observation that really pretty girls have big egos, they recognise their beauty and are used to people ‘drooling’ over them (his words not mine!). This got me thinking to how these kinds of tactics translate into a business context.

You see the players in the market are so used to people lapping up whatever they produce. There are hundreds if not thousands of fans eager to share whatever it is their ‘master’ is doing and tell them how fantabulous they are.

You’ve no intention of becoming a dribbling sycophant so if you want to be noticed then you need to adopt a different tack.

The pick-up artist managed to get the attention of the stunning girls by using a tactic known as ‘negging’. The girls would be so used to hearing people say they were beautiful that hearing someone else saying it was just expected – not remarkable. Negging is a tactic he used which involved him blending small compliments with put-downs for example; “Your teeth have the most adorable overhang like a cute little bunny.” He has given the girl a compliment so that they don’t think he is just some jealous loser but at the same time he has implanted a seed of doubt in their mind about how their teeth look. This serves two purposes for the pick-up artist A) Breaks down the barrier B) Makes the PUA memorable.

That is a fact of human nature – if we are so used to hearing positive reviews of our stuff, the minute someone has something critical (with substance) to say about it, this person and their opinion of our work just consumes us.

This psychology lesson can be leveraged in the world of social media marketing too.

Make critical observations of their work (in a friendly but smart way), make them question their own expertise and pretty quickly you’ll have their attention.

Find the very thing that the expert prides themself on and you have an ‘in’ to create a put-down – a way to push their buttons and get the response you want. This all sounds very cold and calculating (and against my original point of being nice) but I’m not advocating you become a troll or deliberately think of ways to be horrible about other people’s work, I’m simply suggesting you become a little more constructively critical and format it in such a way as to get yourself maximum attention from the influencers in a market in the shortest possible time.

Many experts actually want their opinions to be challenged (it helps to develop knowledge and progress and industry) – I’d imagine it becomes boring being surrounded by sheep that just say yes all the time. But in case you were wondering, this is a high-risk strategy and some market players will not take kindly to your ‘negging’ so don’t blame me if you become a social media outcast…don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Infiltrate their inner circle
Leverage the power of authority by association once again by working on someone that is already ‘in’ with the top dog. They are generally more accessible because whilst they are known in the market, they aren’t royalty quite yet meaning they have their feet on the ground and will probably interact with you.

If you connect with someone in the top dog’s inner circle of friends and business associates then pretty soon they will notice you. You become an authority by associating with someone he or she already knows and respects.

Get up early

My final tip to connect with the connectors is to get up early or stay up late. These tend to be quiet times on Twitter and Facebook and are perfect times to catch your connector when the timeline is a little quieter and they actually notice your work.

Very often, the influencer is hard to reach out to because of the sheer noise they’ve created around themselves – you can cut out that noise by making a little more effort and reaching out at a different time of day. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the result.

You can target them directly by reaching out to them or indirectly by sharing something you are working on at a time when you know they are online.

Quite a few years back, I worked in telesales for about 6 months and something that one of the top sellers there taught me was the importance of phoning at around 8.30am because the decision maker was usually in the office catching up on emails first thing whereas their PA didn’t start work until 9am which made it the perfect time to catch the prospect when their guard is down and their secretary isn’t shielding them from sales calls.

Think Visibility Not Far Away

With just over a week until the 5th Think Visibility conference my palms are starting to sweat a little as the realisation kicks in that I will be back up on the stage again talking about domain names. This outings speaker line-up looks great with some returning favourites of mine, like Dave Naylor and Paul Madden who’s talks I particularly enjoyed at Think Visibility 4 last September.

This year sees some great sponsors too including A4U Expo and the super cool Gadget Glamour to name a couple.

So what is Think Visibility all about?

Think Visibility is organised and run by Dom Hodgson of Hodgetastic Ltd (check out his blog) and aims to cover everything they can to enable you to “Make more from your website”, SEO, PPC, Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Viral Marketing, PR, Usability, Accessibility and much more.

They promise to ‘try to swap things around and not cover the same topics twice in a year” so God…or Dom…only knows why I have been invited back for seconds! ha ha.

So what will I be talking about?

This year my talk is called “One Domain, One Hundred Days, One Result” and will cover a diary (currently a secret diary) of the last 100 days in the domain name industry. From hand registrations, to domain name sales to purchasing and acquiring premium domain names and one thing that certainly has been a secret if you follow my blog or my Twitter account…dealing with domain name registrars. Hopefully there will be something in it for everyone and hopefully it will spark off some good discussions (or debates even) at the end.

I’m a certainly an advocate of domain names and believe that the domain name you choose for your online business can make or break any web venture.

Come and say hi!

I really want to get round and meet as many people as possible this year, I met so many great people at the last event and have stayed in touch over email/Twitter with them, met up with a few and done business with some as well, so it has been really good. Please come and say hi to me at the event, I don’t bite and am always up for a good chin wag!

Look forward to seeing you there and if you haven’t already got a ticket then get onto the Think Visibility website ASAP and book yours now to avoid missing out!

Domain Names For Quick Sale or Swap

I have two domain names for sale which I am looking to sell and am willing to accept sensible offers to sell them quickly or to swap for a good dog name domain. I am no longer going to be developing them as my focus has shifted onto other domain projects. Ideally I would like to sell or swap them this week. The guide prices and a brief description of each are below:


– Registered Dec 2008

A nice domain on a developed mini-site with 28 pages of content. The site went live at the start of January and has begun to get good rankings already with virtually no link building done to it at all. It has a Domain Authority of 28 on SEOMoz Open Site Explorer and in the last month has received 430 visits and 1,078 page views from 227 keywords including terms like “panasonic 3d glasses review” “new panasonic tv range 2011″ “virgin media 3d channel”

This is a great domain for the right person to develop. Ideal for 3d TV tech reviews and of course the products are well priced for good commission earnings. Happy to transfer existing WordPress site and database and can provide Analytics to date.

Guide Price: £500-1000 – Payment by BACS or PayPal (Buyer pays fees)


– Registered February 2009

A small geo-domain ideal for Hamble-le-Rice, Hampshire. Currently developed on WordPress and existing rankings for various keywords including “The Hamble” “Hamble Accommodation” “Hamble Hotels” and more. Analytics data available since the middle of January when the site went live. 100 visitors and 177 pages views from 33 keywords and increasing. Like 3dReadyTV.co.uk no proper link building has been done to this site yet and has great potential to generate income from local business listings.

Adsense data from February:

Impressions: 92
Clicks: 4
CTR: 4.35%
Page eCPM: UK£26.28
Earnings: UK£2.42
Guide Price: £250-500 – Payment by BACS or PayPal (Buyer pays fees)

Both domain names and included mini-sites are perfect additions to an existing portfolio or for someone looking for a new project.

Domain Name Swap

I am looking for specific dog breed names, already having a good collection, which I am developing the first four of as we speak and would consider swapping these two domain names for one good generic dog breed domain name.

20 sites to buy domains

Looking for some great websites to buy domains? I have been searching the depths of the domain name industry for a comprehensive collection of 20 sites to buy domains. It is important for any new domain investor to know where to find quality domain names for sale. The selection of sites in this post range from domain auctioneers to niche websites and should have something for everyone. Enjoy…

The websites which follow are in no particular order of preference. To be included on 3ac.co.uk means I like them all enough to actually write about them and that means they’ve gotta be good!


qwant u rank qwant u rank qwant u rank qwant u rank qwant u rank

qwant qwant qwant qwant qwant qwanturank seo
concours qwanturank
qwanturank qwanturank qwanturank qwanturank qwanturank classement qwanturank

Staying in tune with the movement in the market and keeping your fingers on the pulse with various sites when looking to buy domains will mean you can find the best deals available.