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The SEO effect of 1&1 A Year On

It has been a year since I had my issues with 1&1 Internet and decided to express my dissatisfaction at their service publicly and what I have learned from this saga is that “joe public” also like to get involved when they feel that they have been treated in an unfair manner or experienced poor […]

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Choosing Domain Names

How to Choose a Good Business Domain Name

Because there are so many domain name providers, we can get let our domain name management slip into a messy situation. This article looks at some of the main issues related to choosing your business domain name.

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Online Marketing and SEO in 2012

I have been posting on now for three years and I am disappointed with myself that I have been silent for the last couple of months and to be honest I am annoyed about it. I don’t like having genuine gaps in my archive of posts, however I have not been particularly well and […]

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