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challenge its engineers (and their ability to block spammers) and position themselves as best as possible on June 03, 2020 on its search engine on the keyword Qwanturank using a brand new domain name pristine history before December 02, 2019.


Here are the details and rules to know before participating in this new SEO competition:

How to participate in the Qwanturank SEO Contest

Participants must register on the site http://www.qwanturank.com/ between December 2, 2019 and February 3, 2020, by filling out the form with their last name, first name, company name (if applicable), e-mail address. -mail, telephone number, and root domain name (without subdomain) used to give access to the website they create on the occasion of their participation (the "Site"). Only one participation in the competition is authorized per participant, with a single root domain name, and each participant must register a domain name belonging to him. A registration confirmation message will be sent to the participant after validation of the form. A new registration by the participant replaces and cancels the previous one.

The Organizer may verify that the declared domain name corresponds to public WHOIS records and, if it considers it necessary, may request access to WHOIS data or the addition of a specific HTML tag (of meta type) on the site to which the declared domain name gives access.

The declared domain name must have been registered for the first time on December 2, 2019 or at a later date. The Organizer may use any means of checking the absence of background information on the domain, including backlinks.

The content of the Site must be in French.

The content of the Site, including the declared domain name, is free, on the condition of respecting all the laws and regulations in force in France, including intellectual property and image rights, and not including no pornographic, obscene, violent, political, discriminatory or offensive content with regard to a person or a category of persons, not to directly or indirectly promote arms, prohibited or regulated drugs, games of chance, clairvoyance services, drugs or alternative medicines, and not to disparage or knowingly damage the image or reputation of the Organizer or any third party.

The participant acknowledges that the Organizer is free to assess compliance with these conditions of participation at his sole discretion and to reject or declare inadmissible any participation which he considers to have been made in violation of any of the provisions of these Regulations.


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