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Since 2002 I have been passionate about internet marketing…Over the years I have had many requests for help / advice from aspiring online marketers looking to make a passive income from the web. In May 2014 I decided that I would start putting pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard) to share my knowledge and experience of generating traffic from organic (non-paid) methods. So here it is…

If you’d like to talk, the best way to connect with me is on Twitter – @garyptaylor

What Is Organic Website Traffic?

Depending on who you ask, organic website traffic may have a number of definitions. For purposes of this blog my definition is as follows:

  • 1.) Traffic generated from non-paid listings in the major search engines
  • 2.) Traffic driven by websites which are not search engines
  • 3.) Traffic referred via social media channels

Note: There will be instances whereby you may have a cost associated with 1,2 or 3…Organic doesn’t always mean free…

Can Anyone Do It?

Yes, absolutely! That’s the beauty of the internet…if you have a genuine interest in a subject and a passion for what you do, then even from a standing start you can be reaching an audience of thousands within just a few months. Check out this post here for an initial overview of SEO.

The screenshots below show the website analytics from a blog set up in April 2013, which now generates organic and referral traffic from around 7000 – 8000 unique visitors per month.

This level of organic traffic is genuinely achievable by anyone – no matter what your skill-set, background or experience. If you have access to a computer, an internet connection and you are passionate about a subject then you can be up and running in no time!

Screenshot 2014-07-06 22.26.43

Above: Website traffic growth (sessions) since April 2013, including Engaged Reader metrics (people who had spent more than 2 minutes on site and/or read more than one blog post)

Screenshot 2014-07-06 22.29.56

Above: Top ten traffic sources (same date range)

Screenshot 2014-07-06 22.39.28

Above: 7,868 unique users, June 2014


If you’d like to talk, the best way to connect with me is on Twitter – @garyptaylor